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Zerg Ultralisk stealth nerf

As can be seen in the patch note discussion of this thread ultralisk splash damage was changed to fix a bug.

This so-called "bug-fix" isn't so much a fix as it is a huge nerf. The splash range was as blizzard intended, but the unit radius +2 from unit center rule got a bit too crazy once they allowed you to target buildings with it. Now they changed it to +2 from the front of the target which fixes the "bug" but effectively nerfs splash range against bigger sized units. Smaller units go largely unaffected. Tanks are also affected, but not as much as they are medium-sized. This last sentence is wrong. See edit on the bottom of this post.


Ultralisks are no longer a valid counter to Thors.

Tests in the unit tester conclude:
- One thor barely beats one ultra with no micro.
- Groups of more than 6-7 thors vs equal amount of ultras with no micro can win. The bigger the group the better. Focus fire significantly helps Thors as ultras are unable to do something similar.
- Chances of thors winning significantly increase with chokes. Blocking a choke with thors is easy as they are big.
- Worst finding: If you spread out your thors even a little bit, they will receive almost no splash. In this situation thors effectively counter ultras now. It gets worse if you also target fire.

Cool would not have won his tourney match with this patch. Not because SCVs won't die anymore when a PF gets attacked, but because Thors receive significantly less splash damage from ultras.

Fixing a bug with a nerf doesn't sound like a very good idea to me. Additional testing is recommended if anyone is up to it. I did not test much with upgrades, except for getting 6 armor on ultras and seeing how unupgraded thors still counter them if you spread micro. Also I only tested a little while on 1.1 before patching to 1.1.1.

My own short test concludes that I am able to hit a few more marines than listed (but still less than 1.1 I think) but it does indeed seem that siege tanks are affected similarly to thors. Siege tanks only seem smaller but the selection circle size is actually the same.

While the biggest impact is on large units like thors, the nerf actually seems to affect all units.